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ETS, Inc. is a green technology company that provides clean smart energy solutions, complete electronics reverse engineering, parts distribution and warehousing services. Throughout the years, ETS has accumulated a wide range of expertise while administering services to global corporations and multi-national organizations.

당사는  LG 제품Re-manufacturing업체로 다음의 분야에서 실무/관리자를 모집합니다. 


1IT 직 (KY)

  • ASP .NET, C# ,Java, ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL Server , Data Base Design 경험 소유자
  • Kentucky 00명
  • (J1, OPT, other visa 스폰 가능)

2. 휴대폰 생산직 (TX) 

  • Texas 00명 
  • (J1, OPT, other visa 스폰 가능)

- 채용 방법

  • 서류전형 후 개인 면접 (날짜/시간 협의 결정) 후 개별통보

- Location

  • Dallas, Texas
  • Louisville, Kentucky


Company: www.etssi.com