Korean restaurant in Australia under hot water for “dumping” drunk women on street
DATE 18-07-10 03:23
글쓴이 : 어드민      
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Two women were thrown out on the street

Korean BBQ restaurant in Australia is drawing international criticism for “dumping” unconscious customers on the street.


In November of last year, employees at Gangnam Station Korean BBQ in Sydney, Australia carried two unconscious women out of the restaurant and left them on the street.


According to a report by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), three women entered the restaurant around 8 p.m. Each woman drank eight shots of peach flavored “soju” (a popular liquor of Korea) within 40 minutes. Two of the women, after finishing their last shots, became unconscious and collapsed from their seats.


Unconscious customers collapsed from their seats

An incident which would have remained as an ordinary drinking story amongst the locals resulted in an international media coverage when the establishment decided to drag these two women outside and “dump” them on the street.


The two women were later discovered by patrolling police officers and taken to a nearby hospital.


Sean Goodchild, the director of the Liquor and Gaming Authority in New South Wales, criticized how the restaurant handled the situation. “It's hard to imagine a worse case of a venue failing in its obligations to prevent misuse and abuse of alcohol.”


Paul Newson, the deputy secretary of Liquor and Gaming in New South Wales, added, “For staff to think that it's OK to carry unconscious patrons out of the venue and dump them on the footpath, that's unconscionable in any measure.”


Gangnam Station employee dragging one of the women out of the restaurant

Gangnam Station’s owner, Sunhwa Kim, has been fined 2,200 Australian dollars, which is equivalent to 1,650 U.S. dollars, and given a “first strike” for “permitting intoxication”. Under the New South Wales law, proprietors who receive three strikes can lose their licenses to own and operate businesses.


The authorities are considering other measures to prevent Gangnam Station from mistreating future patrons.


The authorities have proposed changing the restaurant’s hours of operation and having a security officer in the restaurant. Gangnam Station may have to reduce their closing time from 2 a.m. to midnight and have a trained security officer present in the restaurant from 8 p.m. to closing time.     <Alex Kim>

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