North Korea – reportedly upgrading ballistic missile site and building missile-launching submarine
DATE 18-07-06 04:32
글쓴이 : 어드민      
missile site.jpg
Satellite image captured on April 1st (top), developments made on missile production site on June 29th (bottom)
North Korea appears to be strengthening its military power rather than working towards disarmament.


About a week ago, a research group dedicated to analysis of North Korea released satellite images that suggest North Korea is making major improvements to its main nuclear research facility in Yongbyon.


The recent reports suggest North Korea is expanding its weapons production while constructing a submarine capable of launching ballistic missiles.


The new satellite images released this week show that North Korea is in its final stage of expanding a ballistic missile manufacturing site, further substantiating many experts’ claim that Trump-Kim summit was merely a “photo op to gain media attention.”


The newly released satellite images were captured by Planet Labs Inc., an Earth imaging company based in San Francisco, and have been analyzed by researchers at Middlebury Institute for International Studies.


A missile manufacturing site captured in the images has been identified as Chemical Material Institute located in Hamhung, the second largest city in North Korea.


According to the researchers, Chemical Material Institute is currently developing solid-fuel ballistic missiles. A liquid-fueled missile requires meticulous preparation for it to be launched. A solid-fueled missile, on the other hand, could be fired at any moment.


The Wall Street Journal reported, “New building didn't appear to begin in earnest until April this year, around the time Mr. Kim shook hands with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in a landmark summit meeting at the inter-Korean border, according to a series of satellite images. The bulk of construction took place in May and June.”


On Thursday, July 5th, Yonhap News Agency reported that North Korea is developing a new submarine capable of launching ballistic missiles. The news came from a former chairman of the parliamentary defense committee of South Korea, Representative Kim Hack-yong.


Representative Kim said that the North is constructing a submarine in the Sinpo shipyard, located on the coast of the East Sea of Korea, and that the North is operating most of its facilities as usual.


Representative Kim pointed out that while South Korea has suspended its joint military exercises with the U.S. as a gesture of good will and a show of good faith, “nothing has changed in North Korea.”

North Korea has promised to denuclearize numerous times since 1985.  <Alex Kim>

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