Trump-Kim Summit: Key Points
DATE 18-06-13 02:11
글쓴이 : 어드민      
By Alex Kim | News Korea

Amid heightened international attention, President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un held a highly anticipated summit in Singapore on Tuesday, June 12th.


The meeting which many pundits call “a historical event” took place at the Capella resort on Sentosa Island. It is the first time ever a sitting president of the U.S. has met a North Korean leader.


After an hour-long meeting, the two leaders signed a document of four official agreements.

1.    The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new U.S.–DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.


2.    The United States and the DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.


3.    Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.


4.    The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.

President Trump held a press conference shortly after the summit regarding the discussion with Kim and the agreements the U.S. reached with North Korea.

“We’re prepared to start a new history,” said President Trump, “and we’re ready to write a new chapter between our nations.”

President Trump thanked the South Korean President Moon Jae-in for his effort to make a significant advancement for peace in the peninsula.


“North Korea to remove a major missile engine testing site”


President Trump said Kim, after the two signed the document, told him that North Korea will soon destroy one of its missile testing sites. The signed agreement does not include North Korea’s plan to destroy a major missile testing site, but President Trump claimed that they reached a verbal agreement.

Trump – U.S. to halt joint military exercises with South Korea

President Trump called a halt to joint military exercises with South Korea.

President Trump called the joint military exercises “inappropriate” and “provocative” under the circumstances and “expensive” for the U.S.

United States Forces Korea (a command which conducts joint military exercises in South Korea), however, said in a statement that they have not received any update on “cessation of training exercises.”

The spokesperson for Vice President Mike Pence told NBC that “bi-annual military exercises will cease, but routine training and readiness exercises would continue.”

Denuclearization and Sanctions

President Trump said that sanctions will remain in effect until North Korea can show significant progress on denuclearization. “They [sanctions] will come off at that point,” said President Trump, “at a certain point, I look forward to taking them off.”

On the subject of verifying North’s denuclearization process, President Trump said that he plans to have a substantial amount of the U.S. officials to monitor the progress.

Future Plans with North Korea

President Trump said that he would need another meeting with Kim. He plans to address the subject of human rights in details in the next meeting/summit with Kim.

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