115th Korean-American Day Parade to Be Held in Dallas, January 13th
DATE 18-01-10 19:38
글쓴이 : 토부장      
by Alex Kim | News Korea


The 35th Korean Association of Dallas is planning various projects and events in 2018. January 13th, 2018 marks the 115th Korean American Day and the Korean Association of Dallas is in a preparation mode for a parade and multiple major events.

Korean Association of Dallas planned a parade last year, but was cancelled due to severe weather conditions.

On the coming Saturday, January 13th, the Korean American Parade is scheduled to be held in Harry Hines. 

The parade will march from Sam Moon Center to KoMart Marketplace. 

Marchers of the parade will fly Korean and U.S. flags side by side. 

In celebration of PyeongChang Olympics, the official Olympic flag will also lead the parade. 

Approximately, over 100 people are expected to march in the parade. 

Once the marchers arrive at KoMart Marketplace, a celebration event will begin in front of Shinhan Bank America. 

There will be a “Samulnori” performance (a traditional Korean percussion quartet), a Tae Kwon Do performance, and a Kimchi festival where attendees will have a chance to make their own Kimchi.

Followed by the parade and the celebration event, the 115th Korean American Day commemoration ceremony will be held in Sura Korean Bistro. 

The mayors from Dallas and Carrollton are expected to make an appearance. 

The president of Korean Society of Dallas, Seok-Chan Yoo, stated, “Korean American Day is for all Koreans residing in the U.S. and we need the support and participation of Korean-American residents more than ever.” Yoo added, “This parade will be much more meaningful if we could get everyone out in the streets and proudly wave American flag and Korean flag in support of this important day.”

The Korean Association of Dallas is planning to hold the 2018 Korean Festival in October. 

The association aims to provide the festival attendees with an even larger scale of performances and experiences than the last year. 

Moreover, plans for Asian Safety & Health Fair, Texas Rangers Korean Heritage Night, Dallas Police & Fire Department Scholarship Program, Veteran Appreciation Event, Korean Association Golf Tournament, and nursing home visits are underway.

“We cannot do all of these alone,” said Yoo, “to fulfill our duties and to make these events possible in the future, the Korean Association of Dallas needs support and attention of our people.”

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